How to Choose The Best Women’s Electric Razor

How to Choose The Best Women’s Electric Razor

By Daniel Broadley

How to Choose The Best Women’s Electric Razor

Shaving with a traditional razor is very time consuming, and the experience is often peppered with little nicks or missed spots. 

Waxing hurts, although some people are naturally more tolerant of the discomfort than other people. Waxing leaves you smoother for longer, but do you really want to spend an afternoon having your hair yanked out by the root and pretending it's a spa experience?

Most bladed razors, especially disposable razors, don’t do a very good job. When you’re shaving a large area of your body, like your legs, you’re bound to develop bumps or razor burn. You might find that your legs look ashy after you shave, and you probably run straight for the lotion before you’ve even fully dried off from your shower.

That’s where electric razors come in handy. They’re quick, easy, and efficient. You don’t need to be in the shower to use them. If you want to do a quick touch up of your legs and underarms for an impromptu beach trip, you can get the job done in just a few minutes. 

Epilators and Electric Razors Aren’t the Same Thing

When you search for electric razors, some epilators are going to pop up in the mix. They look very similar and they’re both hair removal tools, but they aren’t even close to being the same thing. An electric razor cuts your hair, just like any other razor. 

An epilator is a device that rips your hair out from the root. An epilator is basically super tweezers. They’re very effective and may expand the time between hair removal sessions, but they definitely aren’t painless. An electric razor should never hurt you. In fact, you shouldn’t feel a thing. 

There’s No Reason Why You Can’t Use a Men’s Electric Razor

Electric razors are one of those instances where you pay a pink tax. Women’s electric razors can sometimes be more expensive than men’s electric razors, despite the fact that they perform in exactly the same way. 

You might aesthetically prefer a women’s electric razor, but don’t limit yourself. If you see a razor that looks like it will work perfectly for you, get that razor. It doesn’t matter if it’s marketed as a men’s razor. 

Just steer clear of rotary razors. Rotary razors are the contoured design with the three metal circles. They’re designed specifically to follow the contours of the face and remove long beard hairs. This kind of razor obviously won’t work well for your legs, especially if you don’t let the hair grow too long.

Look for foil razors. These razors have a piece that looks like a tiny comb and a few cylinders on the razor head. The hair is guided into small openings and gently clipped. They’re perfect for long shaving strokes, like going from your ankle to your knee. 

What Do You Want to Use Your Electric Razor For?

Standard sized electric razors will work perfectly for your legs and underarms. Compact electric razors are the right size for your bikini line. 

There are also electric razors and trimmers made specifically for your bikini line, but you may have better luck with a men’s electric razor for detail shaving. If men can use the electric razor for their sideburns or to neaten their hairlines, you can use the same razor for your bikini line. 

Do You Have Dry or Sensitive Skin?

If your skin is dry or sensitive, an electric razor that can only be used dry is a bad idea. A wet/dry shaver is going to be your best bet. You can quickly wet your legs, lather them up with a moisturizing shaving cream, prop your leg up on the side of the tub, and get right to shaving. 

The moisture barrier will protect your skin and leave your legs smoother than they were before you shaved, whether or not you use lotion or body butter afterwards. 

You won’t damage a wet/dry razor with your shaving cream, and it’s perfectly fine if it gets a little wet. A few electric razors are completely showerproof if you prefer to shave in the shower, but most of them cannot be submerged. This means baths are off the table when you need to shave. 

Look for Hypoallergenic Blades

Even if you don’t have highly sensitive skin, you’ll still want to choose a razor with hypoallergenic blades. Inexpensive electric razors are usually inexpensive because they’re made of lower quality metals. You can have or develop an allergy to almost any metal

If you’ve ever worn earrings that irritated your ears or rings that turned your finger green or given you a rash, you probably need a hypoallergenic razor. 

These blades are almost always made of tungsten alloy. Cheap razors are often made of nickel, much like cheap jewelry. It’s worth spending more for a razor that won’t irritate your skin or corrode with time.

Getting the Perfect Shave with Your New Electric Razor

The perfect electric razor will help you achieve a smooth, close shave. Choose a razor that fits your lifestyle and needs. Your razor is important, but it’s one of many factors that contributes to soft legs and underarms. Your shaving cream also plays a crucial role. 

Men go to the barbershop for a shave because the thick shaving cream and the hot lather make for the perfect pampering experience. Hot lather feels good and helps to keep the skin warm and moisturized during a good shave. 

There’s no reason you can’t do the same thing for your legs at home. LTHR’s hot lather machine and chemical free shaving cream will give you a shave better than you ever thought possible. Relax and treat yourself. You’ll look great and feel great. 


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