LTHR Wireless Hot Lather Machine (Ships Spring 2020)

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LTHR was designed and tested by a group of life long Master Barbers who have dedicated most of our lives to achieving the perfect shave. Two years ago we had a lightbulb moment when after years of ooh's and ahh's from our clientele when we put hot lather on their head, face and neck, in preparation for a shave, we realized that our old, giant, ugly, corded, loud and slow to heat up machine, originally made in the early 1900's, was in dire need of a modernized upgrade. What started out as an upgrade for the professional barber was soon directed towards the everyday man. The guy who has been sold everything under the sun trying to give himself a little bit of enjoyment with his morning ritual. This isn't another blade on your zillion dollar razor and its not some snake-oil attempting to claim that it will make your shave less miserable. This is old fashioned, scientifically proven to feel and work good, hot lather. The stuff that barbers have been using without debate of working for hundreds of years.