Finding the Best Razor for Shaving Your Head

Finding the Best Razor for Shaving Your Head

By Daniel Broadley

Finding the Best Razor for Shaving Your Head

If you’re ready to ditch all the hair on your head, you’re going to need the right tool to achieve the look. 

The razor you’re currently using may work perfectly on your face, but your head is a little different. The hair on your head has a different texture, and the shape of your head is far more contoured than the planes of your cheek. 

That cartridge razor probably isn’t going to cut it - literally or figuratively. Rock the bald look the right way with a tool designed to give you a smooth head. 

You Definitely Need an Electric Razor or Electric Clippers

If you currently have hair on your head, you can’t just go in with a razor. You need to buzz your head first. A razor blade won’t be able to tackle hair that’s longer than half an inch in length. Start by buzzing your hair as low as possible.

Buzzing your head first is also a good idea if you’ve never been bald before. If you buzz it short and you realize you don’t like it, you aren’t fully committed to the bald look. You can still stop, change your mind, and wear a hat for a few weeks. It’s easy to prevent an “I’ve made a huge mistake” moment. 

Why You Shouldn’t Wax Your Head

When you think of a guy who wears a bald head perfectly, you probably think of The Rock. His head always looks smooth and perfect, and that’s likely your goal. 

When you want smooth, perfect, and long lasting hair removal, waxing probably comes to mind. Guys who participate in physique shows or lifting competitions often wax their whole bodies, including their heads, to draw attention to their muscular definition. Don’t wax your head.

Waxing can damage hair follicles, and over time, that damage may lead to follicles that are no longer capable of producing hair. If you decide you’d rather go with a crew cut or a fade somewhere down the line, there’s no guarantee that it will be possible. You could wind up with missing patches or permanently thinned hair that will significantly limit your options. 

If you’ve experienced permanent hair loss that makes other styles impossible anyway, this isn’t going to matter to you. You can go ahead and wax if you’d like. If you don’t have significant hair loss, shaving is the way to go. 

Electric Head Shavers

Your head is round, and razor blades are straight across. They’ll do a great job of shaving your head, but it takes more time and patience. Some razor manufacturers have electric head shavers with contoured rotary shaver heads and ergonomic palm grips. These will be a lot more convenient and intuitive to use than electric foil razors. 

If you’re going to stick with the bald look for a while, it’s worth investing in one of these gadgets. They usually run between $30 and $60 and come with warranties. If you’re used to buying disposable razors or cartridge razors, this investment will actually save you money in the long run. 

Manual Head Shavers

If you want to use a manual razor, you should be looking at safety razors. Safety razors will give you the cleanest, closest shave on both your head and your face. Straight razors can do the same thing, but the length of the blade is a little awkward for navigating the rounded contours of your head. 

If you’re already using a safety razor for your face, all you need to do is swap out the blade and get to work. 

A safety razor will give you a smoother, closer shave than an electric razor, but it also slightly raises the risk for irritation. Safety razors require a little bit of finesse. 

You’ll need to practice with angles before you attempt to shave your head with a safety razor. Try a small spot on your arm or on your upper leg as a test patch. Holding the razor at a 30 to 45 degree angle will give you the best results. 

Shaving Your Head

The razor you choose is important, but it isn’t the only tool you need to get a clean shaven head. Other factors, like the way you prepare your head and the lather you use, are equally as important. If you try to shave a dry scalp with subpar shaving cream, there’s only so much your razor can do. You need to set the stage for a perfect experience. 

First things first, shampoo your head. You should continue to shampoo your scalp even after you’re bald. Your scalp produces oil and little flakes even when you don’t have hair. Properly cleansing your scalp will keep it free from dirt and debris. 

Once your head is cleansed, you need to lather up. Hot lather makes the shaving experience infinitely better. Warmth and moisture soften your hair and plump up the skin a little bit, making it easier to achieve a smooth, close shave. The warmth also feels nice, and since shaving your head is going to take a bit longer than shaving your face, it’s a great idea to keep the experience relaxing. 

Choose a shaving cream that’s safe for sensitive skin. Your scalp is different from the skin on your face. Even if your face doesn’t react to products, your scalp might. It’s used to being protected by your hair, and it hasn’t toughened up the way your cheeks and chin have. 

The Takeaway

You can get a great shave on your head with either an electric shaver made specifically for the purpose or a safety razor. Choose whichever you’re most comfortable. If you’re already using a safety razor for your face, there’s no reason to buy anything different for your head. 

LTHR has everything else covered. Our hot lather machine perfectly duplicates the barbershop experience from the comfort of your own bathroom. Use the lather on your face and head. Take your time shaving and enjoy the experience. 


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