Our Review of the Best Straight Razors on the Market

Our Review of the Best Straight Razors on the Market

By Daniel Broadley

Our Review of the Best Straight Razors on the Market

Straight razor shaving is an old school art that has come back into favor. Sometimes, the traditional way is the best way. Think about how Led Zeppelin sounds on vinyl. Does it even compare to a digital copy of the same album?

Straight razors are the same way. When you want a clean, close, and precise shave, nothing beats a straight razor. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but many people find that it’s worth it to master the technique. We’re among that group. 

We’ve reviewed three of the best selling straight razors on Amazon to help you weigh the pros and cons before you buy. Although straight razors are simple and generally work the same way, there may be some design or aesthetic aspects you prefer. 

Why Use a Straight Razor?

Straight razors allow for a perfect shave with minimal irritation to the skin. When you use a straight razor properly, you’re able to clip each and every hair as close to the skin as possible with a single pass. 

Multi-bladed razors often require multiple passes, each with several blades, to achieve the same level of smoothness. This maximizes the risk of irritation while shaving.

In addition to a smooth and gentle shave, straight razors are inexpensive to maintain and better for the environment. Some straight razors can be sharpened and reused for a decade. Other straight razors take very inexpensive blade refills that only cost pennies, meaning you could use a new blade every time you shave for less than a dollar a month.

These savings come with environmental benefits. You aren’t throwing away large plastic handles or plastic cartridges. The blades can technically be recycled. 

Tossing them directly into the recycle bin can cause a safety hazard, but filling up a recyclable plastic container with a lid (like a one gallon water jug) and labelling the contents will allow you to recycle your razor blades without potentially harming anyone. 

How to Choose a High Quality Straight Razor

There are plenty of straight razors on the market at reasonable price points. Oftentimes, lesser quality straight razors are priced the same or similarly to straight razors made from less expensive materials. 

Your straight razor is going to come into contact with water and shaving products. It’s going to accumulate bacteria from your skin. You need a straight razor that can easily be cleaned and sanitized without rusting or corroding. Stainless steel will never rust.

Look for straight razors made of stainless steel and wood. Avoid any straight razor with aluminum parts. Aluminum razors will almost always corrode and are prone to damage. Even if a price point seems appealing, you should keep this in mind. You aren’t saving money if you choose a straight razor that won’t hold up. A high quality straight razor is a one-and-done purchase. 

Feather Stainless Steel Japanese Straight Razor

Feather’s premium straight razor option doesn’t fold. This single piece frame is built like a knife and made of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and rustproof. The handle is made of silicone resin to promote a better grip by reducing slip, even when the handle is wet. 

While Feather’s offering is among the most expensive, it’s also designed to last an eternity. When you consider the fact that it’s the only straight razor you’ll ever need to buy in your entire life, it becomes easy to justify the price tag. 

Facon Professional Straight Edge Barber Razor

Facon is a well known and highly reputable company that creates every manner of barber tools. Their professional straight edge razor won’t break the bank. It’s one of the least expensive and highest rated straight razors in the marketplace.

It features a traditional folding design with a wooden handle and sleek black japanese stainless steel blade arm. This straight razor is perfectly balanced and not too weighty, designed to provide a comfortable and intuitive shave. 

Parker’s Wood Handle Barber Straight Razor

Parker’s wood handled straight razors have the classic barbershop charm. Their aesthetic mimics vintage straight razors, but with the high standard of quality that modern technology imparts. 

The blade arm is made of corrosion resistant stainless steel, and the handles come in a variety of different woods. Warm and rustic walnut seems to be the preferred aesthetic among most shavers, but the Rosewood handle also has its charm. 

Achieving the Best Straight Razor Shave

People love straight razors for the barber quality shave they achieve, but the razor is only part of the equation. They will slice the hair clean and close, but in the barbershop, the straight razor gets a huge boost from the hot lather.

Hot lather feels relaxing. That warmth is part of what makes a barbershop experience worth paying for. The heat softens your beard hair while the lather conditions your beard and skin, making it easy for the razor to effortlessly whisk your whiskers away. 

If you’re looking to get the best possible shave, you need to get your hands on a lather warmer. LTHR has exactly what you’re looking for. Our hot lather machine is compact and rechargeable. It doesn’t take up a lot of space on the bathroom counter. It functions exactly the same way as the lather warmer at your barbershop functions.

Use it to heat our chemical-free moisturizing shaving cream, formulated to help your razor glide and leave your face feeling soft and nourished with every shave. That’s the full experience, and it’s exactly what you deserve. 


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