Hot Lather Shaving: Best Gifts for the Man in Your Life

Hot Lather Shaving: Best Gifts for the Man in Your Life

By Daniel Broadley

Hot Lather Shaving: Best Gifts for the Man in Your Life

It doesn’t need to be the holidays to buy a great gift for the man in your life. It doesn’t have to be his birthday, or his college graduation, or the celebration for his promotion. An “I Love You” gift is always welcome. 

Sometimes, this gift can be a little bit of a nudge. If the man in your life spends so much time working hard and caring for his family, he might not have the time he deserves to take care of himself. He needs to take care of his skin, hair, and nails the same way that everyone else does. He deserves to feel happy, healthy, and confident. 

A lot of men are resistant to the idea of self-care treatments like pedicures (even though they shouldn’t be) or expensive haircuts, but most men are very open to the idea of shaving. They already do it, even if they speed through the process. Give the man in your life the gift of self care and a little zen time at the bathroom counter by stocking him up with all the tools he needs for a luxury shave. 

A Straight Razor

Most men are perfectly happy with the convenience they get from a razor with disposable heads. When they’re out, they run to the grocery store to grab more. They might even have a subscription service automatically deliver them. Safety razors and refillable razors will get the job done, but there’s a reason why you never see them at the barbershop. 

Straight razors give the skin the closest, smoothest shave. It’s a single blade, so no hair, shaving cream, or dead skin is going to gunk it up. It’s easy to rinse off between passes and keep going. It’s much easier to angle a straight razor so that it makes perfect contact with the skin, removing all the hair in one gentle pass. Without the clunky handle and razor head in the way, it’s much easier to see what you’re doing. 

Your man might have to learn to use a straight razor, but if he’s willing to put in the effort, he’ll find it’s worth the process. While you’re at it, pick one up for yourself. Straight razors are excellent tools for quickly and efficiently achieving perfectly smooth legs. 

A Warm Lather Machine

Another advantage that barbers have over home shaving is warm lather. Your man probably uses cold shaving cream or gel from an aerosol can. It works, but it’s never going to work as well as a luxurious warm lather. 

Warm lather feels nice. It lends an aura of masculine pampering. Warmth soothes the skin and improves circulation and blood flow in the face. Warmth opens the pores and the hair shaft, allowing moisture to enter them both. This better lubricates the skin and helps to plump and prop the hair up, making it easier to shave away with a razor. 

Warming up regular shaving cream won’t have the same effect. It’s dangerous to keep aerosol cans near heat sources. You can’t dispense it and warm it in the microwave, because it will turn into a soupy liquid that loses all of its richness. 

In order to get warm lather, you need to use a warm lather machine with compatible shaving cream. Creams designed to work with a warming machine will come out thick, rich, full, and warm without compromising on texture or consistency. 

A Shaving Brush

Your man probably slathers on his lather with his hands. It gets the job done, but it’s a little messy. It’s hard to get a good grip on your razor when your hands are wet from shaving cream or from the water he used to rinse all of it off. A shaving brush will give him the precision he needs for a perfect shaving cream application without getting his hands all slippery. 

Look for a brush made of natural fibers with a solid wood handle. It will last much longer than something made of plastic or synthetic materials. Plastic will expand and contract with the heat in your bathroom, causing the bristles to come loose and making the handle prone to cracking. It’s worth it to spend just a small amount more to get something that will last him a lifetime.

You might even find bowl and brush sets. They usually come with holders that keep both components together. He can set his brush down on the holder while he’s not using it, preventing a mess on the bathroom counter. The bowl can hold his warm lather while he’s brushing it on. 

Pro Tip: If your man is using LTHR’s Hot Lather Machine, this is one gift he won’t need. Our machine neatly dispenses hot lather ready to apply, so he won’t need a shaving brush to get the lather he’s looking for without the mess. 

Beard Combs and Brushes

If your guy likes to sport a big, healthy beard, he needs the right tools to brush and comb it. A beard comb is especially helpful for detangling, trimming, and shaping. Wooden or bamboo combs work the best. 

Beard hair has a tendency to be wiry and tangly. Plastic combs won’t fare as well against a beard knot. A substantial wood comb won’t snap on him, leaving sharp little pieces of plastic stuck in the odd tangle or two. 

A beard brush is a great gift for a man whose beard is close to his chest or longer. Boar bristle brushes are especially helpful for taming and smoothing beards. They do a great job to circulate the natural oils produced by the skin, leaving beards with a healthy luster instead of a dry, frizzy appearance. These smoothing and taming effects might even make a beard look thicker. 

A Nice Pair of Beard Scissors

Most men will grab whatever scissors they can find to trim up their beard, or use hair cutting scissors if they happen to have a pair tucked away in a bathroom drawer. Small, pointed, sharp scissors are easier to wield and will deliver more precise results. 

It’s a little harder to cut off more than you actually intended to when your scissors are very small. Look for sharp, heavyweight precision blades in a size that would comfortably fit in the palm of your man’s hand. If he’s a technical kind of guy, look for scissors that have measurements etched into the blades. He can use them to assure all his cuts are even. 

Beard Pomade or Oil

Beard pomades and oils make it easier to style longer beards. They also add moisture to dry, coarse beards and sometimes condition the skin underneath. Pick a scent that you love. Your man would probably be thrilled to wear something that encourages you to get extra close once in a while. 

Beard oil works well for any man with a dry beard, no matter the length of that beard. Pomade works better for a more substantial beard, as it offers some hold in addition to moisture. If he wants to keep his beard tidy all day, a little bit of pomade after he brushes it will help it retain its perfectly coiffed shape.


Men can never have enough beard gadgets. These are more than practical gifts. They’re equally as thoughtful. By getting your man high quality grooming tools for a luxury experience, you’re encouraging him to spend a little extra time pampering himself. It’s a relaxing experience, even if it only takes him ten minutes to shave and get ready in the morning. 

Don’t be surprised if you notice a little extra pep in his step when he feels great about the way he looks.