Men’s Style: Personal Grooming Tips for Your Everyday Look

Men’s Style: Personal Grooming Tips for Your Everyday Look

By Timmy Yanchun

Men’s Style: Personal Grooming Tips for Your Everyday Look

What you wear and how you wear it says a lot about your level of comfort in your own skin. Your style has probably changed a lot from the time you were a child, to a teenager and now into adulthood. But, what hasn’t changed is the need to feel and look your best each day.

Clothing provides you with the confidence to express yourself, while your facial hair grooming and self-care are the canvas to show the world what you are all about. When a man starts to feel good about his style choices and looks, no one and nothing can stop him.

At Work

Workplaces have undergone a transition to both hybrid and work-from-home policies. When you return to the office, it is still important to present yourself in a way that makes you feel comfortable and professional. It can be tough to return to in-person corporate events after living in joggers and hoodies for your virtual meetings. 

This gives you a chance to revamp your wardrobe for the corporate world. Before you go out on a shopping spree, first take stock of your current closet. Keep in mind, dressing for the cubicle doesn’t require you to be dressed in the newest trends. Sticking to the classic and timeless pieces will go a long way when updating your current style. Incorporate classic office wardrobe staples like chino pants and standard dress shirts. Sticking with pieces that are wrinkle-free and made of cotton fabric will be more likely to hold up during your work day. This will save you time from worrying about what to wear and add a layer of more breathable material for seasonable conditions.  

Work teams are diverse and have a blend of age ranges. Differences in fashion tastes exist across various backgrounds, however, as business workers return to their company headquarters, formal office wear is still relevant to daily attire. Even so,  you can creatively display your style beyond simple shirts and tops no matter which kind of industry and sector you work for. A workday t-shirt can symbolize a personal connection to your travels, hobbies, or interests with a unique backstory showcasing your personality in a fun and professional way at the 9-5 job. 

At Home

Your home may have become a second office where your desk exists, next to the half-open snacks, drinks, and stack of work assignments. There is no place like home and the comforts of working from home. Although, for all the perks of the WFH lifestyle,  there are days when a person can go through the motions of what seems at times to be endless meetings and reach a breaking point for overall well-being.

Zoom calls are often the only way to connect and communicate in the virtual office, which is sometimes boring and can put a damper on your mood. Re-energize yourself and possibly prevent a mid-day crash in productivity by trying some new tips. Putting in little effort into how you present yourself for your visible top half online can create a ‘Dopamine Dressing’ effect, making you happier and more confident. Consider the kind of coloration and designs to wear, finding good skin and hair care products, and investing just a few minutes on routine grooming etiquette. When you look your best, you feel your best. That can help you power through a presentation to an audience of a few co-workers or high-level senior stakeholders in the virtual workplace with poise and confidence.

Out and About

Not everything can be ordered or done online. Your mornings, afternoons, and evenings will often require a quick errand to get fuel for your car or buy that one must-have grocery item for dinner later.

It is pretty typical to go out the door wearing whatever fits and is easy to use. Usually, that means dressing in regular plain tops, pants, or sweats. If you have bad hair during your excursions, then wearing a  baseball hat will be a good idea. A low-key outfit is very harmless and definitely will do the task of taking you from points A and B.

However, why not challenge yourself to create a habit of transforming your normal everyday out-and-about look? You are the main character of your life and you deserve to celebrate every single moment through an expression of style that doesn’t limit or restrict you as too flashy or too boring, but solely you. Taking inspiration from everyday men's fashion and style trends allows you to envision how you can mix and match clothing pieces to easily adapt to your next outing. Going outside with a statement jacket, comfy pants, and walkable stylish shoes will add a nice bounce to your steps.

On the Road

Imagine you are on the road traveling to a new place. You have already read over your itinerary multiple times, packed up your suitcase, and taken a look at the last-minute notifications about your flight. This trip could be work-related, leisure, or a little bit of both. 

As you enter the airport and begin your journey,  the day is spent stuck in long lines for check-ins while eating salty, but tasty airport snacks.  Once on the plane, you re-watched the same in-flight entertainment until falling asleep. Upon waking up from a nap, you begin to start to think over what is next after arriving at the new destination. Unfortunately,  after landing, you are now in a hotel room with a bad case of jet lag and travel fatigue. The mirror in the room reflects a face and hair that have seen better days.

Your hometown barber is now thousands of miles away and your trusted skincare products were too many to bring into a travel bag. Luckily you do not have to stress out about your hair, beard, or mustache on your travels. Thanks to a wireless FAA-approved lathering machine that works alongside portable shaving cream pods, grooming while traveling just got a lot easier! This will provide you with that hot lather shaving and grooming experience while experiencing life on the road. Quick travel skincare hacks will go a long way when wanting to prevent any unwanted puffiness from long hours on the plane.  Drink more water prior to your departure or pack a few miniature-sized containers of natural oils (sweet almond, avocado, olive, or coconut oils) to get the extra glow and shine to keep your face ready for whatever new places and sights your day takes you.  

At Events

Now think of this, you have gotten an invite to your best friend’s wedding or high school graduation reunion party a year ahead. That means you have plenty of time to decide if you will want to attend or not. These special moments are your time to create memories with those you cherish. Yet, there is that nagging, doubtful feeling that potentially you no longer have the perfect look. Maybe you’re not in as good of shape as you were before or you’re self-conscious about thinning hair.

You start to get text messages from your buddies asking “Are you going?” But you keep getting thoughts of backing out due to the social anxiety associated with these insecurities. However, if you plan ahead of time, you can nip these insecurities in the bud with time to spare before the event. If you desire to turn the clock back to days of your hair's fullness, your doctor can help you by finding hair growth products to address your concerns.  Furthermore, it is easier than ever to pull off an amazing look.  With a little help from complimenting clothing selections, you will be sure to feel great at your next event. Don’t know where to start?  Boost your confidence with the selection of custom tailored suits that will compliment your figure. Looking good and feeling good will allow you to attend with assurance and let you dance the night away in style.

There is a famous saying that fashion comes and goes, but style is forever.  Style is something that all men can have. With just a few helpful tips and suggestions you can elevate your everyday look from ordinary to extraordinary!