6 Features of the Best Shaving Cream Warmer

6 Features of the Best Shaving Cream Warmer

By Daniel Broadley

6 Features of the Best Shaving Cream Warmer

There aren’t many shaving cream warmers on the market. Most companies provide a metal bowl to retain the warmth of the lather, but they don’t give you anything to actually warm your shaving cream. Other companies have bulky machines that take up a lot of counter space, and they’re often less convenient to use.

When you want a hot lather shave, you need a shaving cream warmer that fits your needs and lifestyle. You don’t want something that’s going to take up half your bathroom and leave behind a rust ring. You want something that’s easy to use and travel friendly.

LTHR did something that no one else has done. 

Our modern hot lather machine is easy to use and compatible with your lifestyle. You can be your own barber in your own bathroom, and it’s not a hassle. It doesn’t complicate your morning ritual - it enhances it. 

We’re a team of lifelong Master Barbers. We understand why a hot lather shave is the best experience, but we didn’t necessarily like the antiquated, clunky machines we needed to use in order to provide that experience for the men in our chairs. 

We designed the hot lather machine we always wished we had. It’s also the machine you’ve always wished you’ve had. 

Why Use Hot Lather?

Hot lather provides a superior shave, and that’s why so many barbers use hot lather by default. The sensation of warm, rich lather feels luxurious. It’s a wonderful sensory experience, but it’s so much more than that. 

The warmth of the lather helps to improve the circulation of your skin, softening the surface and plumping it up. The heat helps to dilate the hair shaft, allowing moisture to enter your beard hairs. This softens them and plumps them up, making them easier for your razor to cut smoothly and closely in a single pass. 

The end result is a better shave and more nourished skin. You’ll avoid irritation or exacerbation of sensitive skin when you use a hot lather machine with an expertly formulated shaving cream free from artificial ingredients and chemicals. It’s a shaving experience that compares to no other. 

1. Warming to The Perfect Temperature

LTHR warms the shaving cream up to the perfect temperature of 135 degrees fahrenheit. This makes the lather silky and smooth, helping to melt the glycerin and
natural coconut oil in our skin-friendly shaving cream. 

The end result is a lather that effectively penetrates the hair shaft, softening your whiskers and making them easier to shave away. 

You might be thinking that 135 degrees sounds very hot, and it is. It isn’t an “I need help” kind of hot, but more of an “encompassed in a fluffy warm cloud” kind of hot. The lather will stay hot throughout the entirety of your shave. Take your time. Enjoy yourself. Have that little moment of zen before you’re off to work. 

2. Shower Proof and Counter Proof

Your hot lather machine is going to be around a lot of water. You’ll keep it in your shower or on your bathroom counter, where it’s prone to get wet. If you’ve ever left a metal can out on the counter for a long time, you might notice that it begins to rust around the bottom and leaves a ring on your counter.

Our hot lather machine won’t do that. The machine is designed to withstand water damage that may occur with normal use and to prevent rusting. When using it as directed, you won’t damage the unit (or your bathroom counter) from water exposure or the development of rust. 

You can’t treat it like a rubber duckie, but if it were to fall in the tub, it will be fine when you pull it back out. It’s not built for a deep sea dive, but it’s built for the realistic water exposure it will encounter in your bathroom. 

3. A Long Lasting Charge

We rely on a lot of electronic devices in our everyday lives. 

You understand the consequences that come from forgetting to charge them. If you forget to charge your LTHR machine for a day or two, it’s no big deal. The lithium ion battery can last two to three weeks on a single charge. If you don’t remember to plug it in, don’t worry. You still have some time. 

In addition to its long lasting battery, it also has an automatic shutoff. The battery doesn’t sit and drain while you aren’t using the device. This isn’t like when your phone manufacturer says that a fully charged battery lasts for three days. The auto shutoff feature assures that you use nearly every minute you’d get from a full charge. 

4. No Cord to Hold You Back

LTHR isn’t like other bathroom appliances, like a blow dryer or a hair iron. You don’t have to be tethered to the wall to use it. It’s cordless design allows you to move it from place to place. If you’d rather lather up and shave in the natural light of your bedroom, you’re free to move. If you need to take your machine with you to shave after a workout at the gym, toss it in your bag. 

5. Low Profile Design

If you have a small bathroom, the idea of finding a place to put a new gadget can feel daunting. LTHR is designed to take up as little space as possible. The machine is only seven and a half inches tall and three inches in diameter. It won’t take up much more space than a soap dispenser.

Since the battery lasts so long and it can operate without a cord, you don’t need to free up an excessive amount of space. It won’t get in the way, even if your bathroom is shared with other people who have their own products out on the counter. 

6. Travel Friendly

If you’re going away on a business trip, your grooming needs are still important. They may be even more important than they are in your day to day life, since you’re tending to your professional responsibilities. 

LTHR is TSA approved and travel friendly. Its compact size allows it to fit perfectly into your luggage, and you’re allowed to take it with you across the country. You won’t have to Google barbers in every state when you can give yourself a barber quality shave from your hotel room. 

The Takeaway

LTHR is designed to be the perfect shaving cream warmer. There’s nothing else like it. We’ve put time into crafting the perfect barbershop quality warmer that you can use to give yourself the most luxurious hot lather shave from the comfort of your own bathroom.

You deserve to take those moments to yourself. Your grooming routine is a part of your morning ritual. It helps you look good and feel good, giving you the confidence you need to face the day. Treat yourself the way you deserve to be treated with a hot lather shave. 


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