Choosing the Best Electric Razor

Choosing the Best Electric Razor

By Daniel Broadley

Choosing the Best Electric Razor

The electric razor market is fairly packed with offerings. They all look relatively similar, but every electric razor promises to perform differently. 

The differences in electric razors isn’t always inherently obvious to the eye. You’re likely to see the differences in a long list of technical specifications, and if you don’t know much about electric razors, it can be difficult to decipher what these mean. 

Understanding these differences is key. The best electric razor for someone else may not be the best electric razor for you. Once you know what you’re looking at, it’s easy to pick an electric razor that will meet your needs. 

Why Choose an Electric Razor?

Many men use electric razors because they’re a more convenient, lower effort way of shaving. Men who tend to shave before they get dressed and run out the door love the “grab and go” approach to shaving that an electric razor offers.

Men with sensitive skin choose electric razors because there is no direct contact between the skin and the blade. This dramatically reduces the potential for irritation, redness, and razor burn. The skin is protected from the cutting element, which solves most shaving woes for people whose skin doesn’t react well to sharp blades. 

Some men prefer electric razors because they’re economical. Most electric razors will last about five years before they stop working effectively. If you only have to buy a razor once every five years, it’s a little hard to run out.

The Difference Between Rotary and Foil Razors

There are two different shaving heads you’ll encounter on electric razors. The first is a rotary razor, and that’s the kind that has little circles on the head. The second is a foil razor, which has cylinder looking pieces and comb looking pieces on the end. 

Rotary shavers are designed to sit close to the skin. The blades inside spin to cut the hair as it’s pulled into the mechanism. Men who tend to grow their beards out for a while, shave them off, and start over usually prefer rotary razors because they’re excellent at dealing with coarse, thick, and long beard hair.

Most people ultimately choose foil razors. Foil razors are gentler than rotary razors and are able to cleanly clip away even the shortest beard hairs without tugging and trapping them. You don’t have to apply as much pressure with a foil razor, and it will rarely snag. If you prefer a closer shave or if you have sensitive skin, a foil razor is the way to go. 

Wet Shaving Versus Dry Shaving

Most electric razors are made to be used dry. You pick it up off the counter, shave, dust the hair off your face, and you’re done. Some men prefer this type of convenience over any other method of shaving. Other men strongly disagree.

A lot of men use their shaving routine as a self care ritual.

They want to spend some time grooming and pampering themselves, walking away looking good and feeling good. They want a hot lather shave, smooth moisturized skin, and a boost to their confidence when they walk out of the bathroom. In order to have that experience, you need an electric shaver that can be used wet. 

Seriously consider what it would be like to shave when your skin is dry in the winter or when you’re recovering from a sunburn if you couldn’t use your razor wet. It may be a smarter idea to cover all your bases by getting a wet/dry razor to begin with. It’s better to have something and not need it than to need something and not have it. 

Battery Life and Charge

Razors that can only be used when they’re plugged into the wall are hard to find. Nobody wants to deal with corded shaving, and rechargeable batteries are the new norm. Almost every electric razor you find can be unplugged before you use it. This makes your razor travel friendly. If you need to pack it in your gym bag, it’s super easy. 

If you intend on travelling with your electric razor or if you can’t keep the charging station plugged in all the time, you need to choose an electric razor with a long battery life. 

It helps to choose a model with an indicator that will tell you where your battery is and if you need to charge it. The last thing you want to do is have your razor die while you’re on an overnight trip, only to find you forgot to pack your charger. 

Time Commitments

Electric razors need to be cleaned, maintained, and oiled. This is a project in and of itself, and it’s going to take you about half an hour to do it. Some electric razors are designed to involve as little maintenance as possible. If you know you aren’t the kind of person who wants to keep up with your device, it’s better to choose a low maintenance electric razor. 

The Takeaway

Finding a great electric razor is easy as long as you have a general idea of what you’re looking for. In addition to reading and understanding the specifications of electric razors, read the reviews. 

The internet is very quick to sound off about what they do and don’t like. Read the five star reviews and the one star reviews. Weigh them against each other, and pick a razor that will meet your needs.

A great razor helps, but it’s only one part of the shaving experience. LTHR has the rest of your perfect shave covered. Our hot lather machine and chemical free shaving cream will give you a smooth, soft, barbershop style shave with any razor you choose. No matter how you shave, we make it better. 


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